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News and Photos from The Willows

Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French

The children discovered some vegetables hidden in the soil this week. They decided to wash the dirt off them so that they could be eaten, and they asked if they could cook the potatoes. We decided that we would make chips after reading our class book 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French, but the class also wanted to try some mashed potato too. The children were shown how to peel and cut the potatoes safely, but the best bit of course was the eating! Delicious!

They have been learning how by eating fruit and vegetables they can stay healthy, and they have also discussed other ways that they can look after themselves, including keeping clean and brushing their teeth as well as tidying up toys from the floor so as not to trip over.

First Week in the Willows

The newest members of our school community have a lovely bright classroom, with lots of areas to explore

First Week in the Willows

Sometimes they figure things out on their own...

Our first class visitor

We had a visit from a firefighter who showed us the equipment that he has to wear when he attends a fire. The children all discussed the dangers in different scenarios that were presented to them, including how to keep safe in the car or walking on the road. The children were a great audience and really enjoyed the visit. They were able to talk about lots of things that that they learned:

'The boots – they have stripes they glow up in the dark' - Henry

'A helmet – you wear it to keep safe' - Thomas

'Hat – it was a fireman’s hat and it had a visor bit over' - Matthew

'They use big scissors so they can cut doors off if people are stuck in the cars' - Joshua

First Week in the Willows

 They also learn and play outdoors

First Week in the Willows

And sometimes they work together with Mrs Foster