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During the school closure, please check the website regularly in case you missed an email from school. Thank you

15th July 2020

Please find attached here a letter regarding returning to school in September 2020, here is a leaflet to share with pupils.

24th June 2020

Please find here a letter regarding the wider opening of the school to all year groups, here is a leaflet to share with pupils and a timetable of the starting and finishing times for each bubble.

17th June 2020

Please find here a letter regarding the potential of opening the school to some pupils from all year groups.

16th June 2020

Please find here a letter from Mrs Dollman. We have also sent home information about which teachers will be teaching in each class next year and that can be found here..

21st May 2020

Please find here a booklet for you to read with your child to show them what school will be like when they return. It is formatted to be read easily together on a screen with photos of some of the arrangements for your child to look at, but if you need a text-only copy, there is one here. We understand that some children (and parents) may be anxious - and whether you decide to send your child into school or not, it is your decision. We are trying to give you as much information as possible about the adaptations we are making. 

18th May 2020

Please find here a letter and timetable, explaining our latest plans.

14th May 2020

Please find here a letter explaining the school's plans for reopening to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children, along with the children on key workers.

29th April 2020

Hertfordshire Music Service (HMS) is pleased to announce that existing pupils can now continue their instrumental and vocal lessons online with their fantastic team of teachers. The recording of a recent webinar with full details of HMS online lessons is available at

If you are interested, please read this letter.

20th April 2020

Please find here a letter from the governing body, as we start the summer term still in a state of lockdown.

Also here is a letter from Herts County Council, with information about an organisation called Safer Places. Please remember, you can always contact school if you need help and support at any time.

3rd April 2020

At the end of the second week of school closure, please find here a letter from Mrs Adshead explaining how the school will support your children's learning next term. We are aware that this situation may go on for a considerable time and that we need to work with you to make sure your children's education continues.

27th March 2020

End of the first week of school closure - well done and thank you from Mrs Adshead. Please keep sharing your activities on our Virtual School Community page

25th March 2020

It's hard to believe but some people are trying to scam families, using the Free School Meal situation. Read this letter and take care!

24th March 2020

Please click here for a letter from the North Herts School Nurse Team, with links to webpages which may be able to help you explain Coronavirus in an age-appropriate way.

23rd March 2020

Our staff are still working, including packing books for all the children to read while at home - this letter will come home with the books. 

Please click here for a letter from Herts for Learning, with advice on keeping your children safe online while learning at home

20th March 2020

Further information about the school's arrangements for the care and education of vulnerable children and the children of key workers.

A letter with links and suggestions for home learning with your child

17th March 2020

Coronavirus - when to isolate update.