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News and Photos from The Rowans

If your child is working at home during the school closure, please look at the pages under Coronavirus Closure, including our class's page, where Mrs Dollman and Mrs Smith will post tips and ideas just for the Rowans children. If you want to send in a photo, video or some examples of what you've been up to, we will post them on Our Virtual School Community Page

Rowans bubble have been learning about colour mixing, and made all these concentric circle pictures in the style of Kandinsky. They were only given red, yellow, blue and white paints to mix all the different colours:

In school we have been looking at seeds in fruit and vegetables. We looked very  closely at peppers and oranges and drew them very carefully. Hunter, Archie, Ivy and Ferne were very proud of their pictures. 
We have also been weeding and then planted some seeds in the Growing Garden and in pots in the classroom.

This is our classroom door which we turned into The Faraway Tree from Enid Blyton's book of the same name for World Book Day.  We have been reading it in class and we painted the tree and drew some of the characters from the story. We drew the children Rick, Joe, Franny and Beth and some of the characters they meet like The Saucepan Man, Moon-Face, Silky the fairy and Mr Watzisname. The children have lots of secret adventures in the different magical lands. 

Here are some of our Rotating patterns that we made as part of our Pattern topic in Art. First we made a template out of card, like a shape or a leaf. Then we pinned it on the centre of our paper with a split pin. Then we rotated it in a circle and drew round the new shapes we made. Then we coloured them in. We were very pleased with the results. 

The Great Fire of London - a reenactment by Rowans Class!

We have had a dramatic start to our new History topic this half term! By creating freeze frames to show the time line recorded by Samuel Pepys, pupils were able to understand how the fire developed and spread through the city. Can you match the scenarios to the freeze frames?

Religious Education - What does it look like?

Our RE topic this half term includes looking at important leaders. We had been learning about the work of a vicar. We were very pleased when Canon Stephen Fielding, the new vicar at All Saints Church, said that he would be able to come and visit us. He talked to the class about the work he does in the local area and for the parish and he was also kind enough to answer lots of our questions which we had prepared for him. He showed us his special Cross of Nails which he was given when he worked at Coventry Cathedral. He has invited us to visit his church when the weather is nicer.

Reading in class
Monday afternoon story time in the Rowans. We enjoy having others read to us and share books they enjoy.

Children's Mental Health Week
Rowan class talked about being brave and times when they had been brave. It might have been by asking for help when they couldn't do something or starting something new like swimming lessons or standing on a skate board for the first time. 
We watched a film about a wolf called Wolfgang, who can't wait for it to get cold enough for him to wear his brand new colourful coat. However, when the time finally arrives, some nasty creatures make fun of it. Wolfgang feels upset and is afraid that they will hurt him again, so he hides away in his tree house. He is encouraged to tell someone he trusts about how he is feeling. Sometimes we get hurt by others and we have to be brave enough to continue to be ourselves, talk about our feelings and to do the right thing. 
Here is the story that you can watch again at home.


In computing this week the Rowans were exploring using our brand new Chromebooks!


"Show me subtraction! Show me multiply! Times! Total! Minus! Divide! Altogether!" An active game to develop pupils' vocabulary knowledge of the four operations.

Learning as a Rowan
We have been setting The Rowans challenges over the past couple of weeks and they have not disappointed! Whether they have been fact finding in class for research or demonstrating how they apply their number knowledge in Maths, they have really impressed us with their growing independence in learning. 

Anti-bullying week

During Anti-bullying week 11th - 15th November, we discussed what bullying was and what we could do to 'Stamp it out'. Bullying is when someone hurts you emotionally or physically over and over again. Pupils came up with fantastic ideas on how we can help and support each other. All pupils created a footprint pledge titled 'Change Starts With' of what they would do to ensure our school is a happy and safe environment. 


 Self portraits

This week we have been concluding our Self Portraits topic in Art by looking at some portraits by Picasso. We looked at some of his paintings which he painted in his "blue period" and then we had a go at colouring in our self portraits using only blue, white and black paint. Here are some of the results for you to see. 

Lest we forget 
This week we started our new History topic on WW1. Pupils recorded what they already knew and what they would like to find out during our learning journey. We have created a display on our working wall so we can see how our learning develops over the unit. Please feel free to discuss this with your children at home.

Shared learning 
Just look at how hard The Rowans were concentrating today, as they wrote their fantasy story...


This week, we were very proud of the hard work we did, practising phonics in our best handwriting.


 About us

We are the Rowan class and we are in Year 1 and 2. Our teachers are Mrs Smith on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings and Mrs Dollman on Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays. Our teaching assistant is Miss Sweatman.

We take great pride in our learning and we are trying to be good role models in the school. We are aiming to become more independent in our learning. Our PSHCE topic this half term is Self Reliance and we are thinking of ways in which we can help ourselves to be good learners.

In the Rowans we learn in different ways and we are using a lot of drama and talking to help us with our ideas for writing. We have been reading books for ideas too, such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Whatever Next! In Maths, we are learning to use different practical resources like bead strings, tens frames and counters, and hundred squares to help us with our number work. We are learning to recognise quantities from looking at the patterns they make without counting (which is called subitising) and the Year 1s have been playing dominoes to help them with this. We will be working on our 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables this year. We are practising letter formation and will be learning to develop a cursive style of handwriting. In Science we are learning about our bodies this term and in groups we have been drawing around children in our class and labelling parts of them. You can see these 5 children on our ceiling!


Home learning will be sent out on a Wednesday once a fortnight, and is due back the following Tuesday. Please read with your child every day and talk with them about their book. Please write what they have read with you in their reading record book.

Your child is in a reading group and their books will be changed at least once a week.

We will start to send home 5 High Frequency Words for your child to learn how to spell. They will be tested on them when they are heard read at school and the words they get correct will be changed. The words will be written in their Reading record book.

Please speak to Mrs Smith or Mrs Dollman if you have any concerns about your child’s learning or what we are doing. We have some exciting topics this term and we look forward to sharing our learning with you.