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St Paul's Walden

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News and Photos from The Rowans


Welcome to the Rowans -  our teacher is Mr Bailes and our teaching assistants are Mrs Wasmuth and Mrs Pearce. 

This half term the children will be looking at and learning many exciting things including: Materials and Seasonal Changes in Science; Programming and Coding in Computing and Families and Relationships in PSHCE.



Purple for polio

The whole school enjoyed a visit from Jean Howe a member of the local Rotary club to talk to the children about Polio Awareness. In Rowans the children really enjoyed asking questions and learning all about how polio vaccinations are delivered to those countries where polio is still found. The children tied this in with their geography learning where in Asia polio is still found. We located Afghanistan on a world map and talked about some its physical features. The children also drew around their hands and designed / coloured their little finger purple. This is because the children who are given the vaccination have their finger painted purple as a mark to show they have been given it. Then to finish the day we went out side and planted crocuses that will flower purple in the spring. 


In our art this week,  Rowans have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and finding out about paths and walls he created. This week the Rowans have enjoyed creating a path using natural materials in the style of his work. Here is our Rowan Path. 

In Maths, we have been looking movement and position. The children have been having great fun out on the playground discovering and learning all the different vocabulary. For example they learnt what clockwise and anti clockwise means;  how much of a turn is needed for a quarter turn, half turn, a three quarter turn and a whole turn.  This links in to our computing, where they will look to move a robotic toy around a map using directional language. 






Our homework will be set via Google Classroom and scheduled for a Monday evening. The work will be due in for the following Monday, giving the children a week to complete the tasks set. 

Our PE lesson are Wednesday and Thursday - Don't forget to come to school in your PE kit.

Don't forget to log on to Reading Eggs and Times Table Rock Stars! These online resources will allow the children to continue to learn and challenge themselves whilst having fun.