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St Paul's Walden

Primary School

Welcome to the Rowans!

Our Class Teacher is Miss Lewis.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Jeffs.

We support the Rowans to become collaborative, independent and resilient learners. We look forward to seeing the Rowans confidence and love of learning grow as they journey through Key Stage 1. 

In the Rowans, we: 

  • Listen to and follow instructions.
  • Are kind to each other.
  • Try our best.
  • Listen to others and be respectful.
  • Put our hands up if we want to say something.

To see what we are learning about this half term, please see the Curriculum Overview.

Our PE lessons are on Wednesday and Friday, so make sure you come to school in your PE kit on those days.

Please come back regularly to see what we have been up to!


Class Song 2022/23 - Oh I Do Love to Be Beside the Seaside

The Rowans have been learning a summer-themed song in Music: Oh I Do Love to Be Beside the Seaside. We created a music video to go with their song as a lovely end of year send off.


Spring 2


In this half term's Science topic - Young Gardeners, the Rowans have been exploring what plants need to grow. They have made their own newspaper pots and planted daffodil bulbs to take home and grow. They have also planted a variety of herbs, and we are currently doing an experiment to see how different amounts of light and water affect plant growth.

Design and Technology - Habitat Boxes

In DT this half term, the Rowans have been consolidating their skills of cutting and joining using a variety of materials to make habitat boxes. They based these on the Amazon rainforest - making sure to use lots of lush green for the vegetation and vibrant colours for the flowers. They also made sure to include the Amazon river!


In Maths, the Rowans have been exploring patterns and strategies when counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. For today's Counting in 10s lesson, the Rowans matched the multiples of 10 to the correct array, multiplication number sentence, and number of tens.


In Music - led by our Music Specialist, Mr Street - the Rowans have been learning how to play a song on the keyboard. They have been taking it in turns to play and to sing along with the tune. I think we have some budding musicians in our midst! 


Spring 1

English - Writing Stories

To end this half to, the Rowans have been listening to some traditional and modern Chinese tales surrounding Chinese New Year. They first read and ordered The Great Race - a traditional Chinese folk tale about the how the Jade Emperor chose the years. They then read The Runaway Wok - a modern Chinese tale about a magical wok who shared food, toys and money to all of the neighborhood for the Chinese New Year feast.

The Rowans works together in groups to write our own stories based on The Runaway Wok, but they changed key aspects of the story. Here is a video of them reading thier own stories: The Runaway Pan.

Computing - We Are Digital Artists

In Computing, the Rowans have been practising using PaintZ to create their own digital paintings. They have been exploring the different tools and brushes they can use to sketch and create texture. They have particularly enjoyed finding lots of bold, strong colours to use and some of Year 2 discovered that, by zooming in as far as they can, they can even make their own pixel art!

Science - Shadows

In Science this week, the Rowans have been learning about shadows. They have been investigating how shadows can change when they move the object and when they move the light. They had great fun making shadow puppets with their hands to observe how shadows can change.

English - 'and', 'could' and 'or'

The Rowan's have been reading Stanley's Stick by John Hegley in English. It is about a boy called Stanley who finds a stick and uses his imagination to pretend that his stick is many marvellous things. The Rowans explored the school grounds and found their own sticks. They then imagined lots of things their sticks could be.
They labelled their sticks: the Year 1's using 'and', and the Year 2's using 'could' and 'or'.

Autumn 2 2023

English - Autumn Big Write

The Rowans were exploring the grounds to find Autumnal changes. We then discussed what changes we see and feel in nature, and also talked about some exciting events and activities that we can do during Autumn. They used this to inspire their drawing of an autumnal scene. They will use this to support their Autumn Big Write this week.


The Rowans have been exploring how numbers are made of other numbers. They were working together to investigate how many different ways they can make 10 and 20 out of 3 different numbers.

Science - Polar Animals

In Science, the Rowans have been learning about polar animals. This week, they were exploring how different polar animals have natural camouflage to help herbivores hide from predators, and carnivores sneak up on their prey.The Rowans used chalk to create their own polar landscapes. They then glued some pictures of Polar animals onto their landscapes to see them blending into their surroundings!


Our topic this term is the First World War. They have learnt about a significant historical figure, Walter Tull: the famous footballer who then became the first black officer in the British army. They have also learnt about the roles of animals and women in the war, and the importance of Remembrance Day.


As an addition to their Computing unit, the Rowans have revisited Photography. They worked in pairs or groups of three to take photographs of winter changes in nature. They practised framing their subject and focusing the camera before taking their photos. They particularly enjoyed taking photographs of the trees and the frost around the school grounds.

Cooking - Chocolate Pinecones

For cooking this half-term, we decided to do some winter themed Chocolate Pinecones. The Rowans mixed crushed bourbons and double cream together to make their chocolate mousse center, then used chocolate cereal to make the pinecone pines. Finally, they dusted the top with icing sugar to look like powdered snow. Great cooking, Rowans! 

DT - Mini Guitars

This half term, the Rowans learned how to reuse common household recycling to make their own musical instrument. They designed and made their own tissue-box guitar, honing their skills in cutting and Use glue, sellotape and masking tape to join. They particularly enjoyed playing their guitars to each other! 

Autumn 1 2023


Transition Day

On Transition Day, the Willows experienced a morning in the Rowans as Year 1s and our current Year 1s experienced the responsibility of being fantastic role models in Year 2. They enjoyed filling in their Transition Passports, using these to get to know each other and share some of their favourite lessons, foods and hobbies.


The Rowans have been learning about Place Value and practising their Number Bonds to 5 and 10. They have enjoyed using different resources to identify the tens and ones digits within two-digit numbers. They have also had great fun playing Number Bonds Match! Our sea-themed game where the Rowans need to turn over two numbers. If the two numbers add together to make 5 or 10 then they get to keep them. They need to watch out for the shark though, or it will gobble up all of their number bonds!


This half term, the Rowans have been learning about the 5 senses. They have been experimenting with their sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste and have been learning to make tables and graphs to display their results.

For their smell investigation, the Rowans took part in an investigation where everyone smelled 7 different herbs - basil, coriander, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme. They decided which they did and didn't like the smell of, then chose their favourite. We then created a class bar graph to show how many people chose each herb as their favourite. Everyone was very surprised at the results!

For their touch and sight investigation, the Rowans used their sight to predict what different items would feel like, then used touch to see if their predictions were correct! The favourite items were the Stretchy Noodle String and the Slime. 


In Geography, the Rowans have been learning all about the countries of the United Kingdom. During our lesson discovering all about London, the Rowans used what they had learnt about iconic London landmarks to trace and paint their own London painting. There were some fantastic conversations about what the Rowans who have been to London had seen and done. 


In one of our PE topics this half-term, we have been focusing on poses and balances. The Rowans have learnt a variety of poses, discovering that it isn't always easy to stay balanced! They have been practising tenses their tummies when performing different poses to help them keep their balance. 

Summer 1 2023


The Rowan's topic this half-term is Little Masterchefs. They will be learning about how different foods help us to be healthy and what they do for our minds and bodies, as well as health and safety when cooking. They started off this exciting topic by making their own vegetable pizzas. They did a fantastic job chopping their vegetables safely, and enjoyed tasting the raw vegetables, decorating their pizzas - and of course adding lots of cheese. They were fascinated by how much the taste and texture of the vegetables tasted once they were cooked. There was great debate over which was the tastiest vegetable! 

They have also enjoyed tasting fruits that are popular in the Caribbean - linking to our Caribbean poetry topic from last term.
They all tried kiwi, mango, passionfruit, mangosteen and dragonfruit. Everyone enjoyed most of the fruits - and they had great fun investigating how each fruit looked, felt, smelled and tasted.


The Rowans have been looking at abstract sculptures this term. They discovered some of these sculptures by British artists Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. They discussed the different shapes that they used in their sculptures, and what the sculptures could be representing.  They then carved, pinched and rolled their clay to shape and form their own version of Hepworth and Moore's sculptures.

Y1 Maths

The Year 1s in Rowans have been introduced to Money and Fractions. They have been using the Cuisenaire rods to help them add and subtract money and solve money word problems. They then used the Cuisenaire rods to learn how to split a whole into halves and quarters. 



The Coronation of King Charles III

The Rowans teamed up with the Silver Birches for a house competition to see which house could make the longest Union Jack paperchain in 15 minutes. Both teams managed to use over 100 links in their paperchains! Great teamwork everyone! 



Summer 2 2023

PE - Gymnastics

The Rowans have been working hard in gymnastics, perfecting their routines of a balanced pose, a jump, a roll and a final pose. They listened very carefully to the instructions on how to balance and jump safely, and everyone was confident to jump off of the final jump equipment. They all completed their solo routines, finishing with a variety of exciting poses. Well done, Rowans!