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The Rowans really enjoyed their walk around Whitwell today under their Geography topic this half term, "where we live." We identified different human and physical features around the village including the Mimram River, war memorial, the local post office and the watercress farm. We also identified where we went using an aerial map of the village. 


In Music, the Rowans worked as a team to sing Do-Re-Mi by Richard Rogers. They then had great fun playing the song on keyboards!


World Book Day!

The Rowans had a fabulous time dressing up as their favourite book characters on World Book Day. We had superheroes, princesses, ninjas, Star Wars, Harry Potter characters to name a few. We enjoyed activities based on our "Very silly book of true or false" and learnt some fascinating facts. 

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For information about our curriculum, please visit our Year 1 and Year 2 Termly Curriculum Information page here



The Rowans had great fun exploring microhabitats on the school grounds and then creating their own! We found and discovered the essential needs for micro habitats including shelter, air, warmth and nutrients. We then worked as a group to present our findings. 


This half term, the Rowans are studying the theme of wildlife. They practised using pastels to blend different tones of colour to create fierce lions! The children then used string to create the lion's mane.

Our Duxford Trip!

The Rowans had a fabulous time on their trip to Duxford. We were given the opportunity to look at different tanks, planes, weapons and exhibits from both world wars. The Rowans even got a chance to step aboard a concord! We had a a lovely time being able to see exhibits from WW1 to put our learning from our history topic into context. 




In Maths, the Rowans are learning how to measure length accurately using a ruler. We practised measuring different classroom objects and deciding whether a cm ruler or metre stick was more appropriate.  


In English, the Rowans have been working on Instruction writing and so to acknowledge Remembrance Day last week and our History topic on WW1, the children followed instructions in how to make their own poppies. The children then took great care to write their own instructions explaining how to make their poppies.  




In Art, the Rowans drew portraits of their friend before painting them based on the style of Picasso. Look at our attention to detail!


The Rowans enjoyed making and eating a healthy snack of rice cakes, blueberries, bananas, carrots and honey and even learning about the key food groups their ingredients belonged to. Yum!



In PSHE, the Rowans have been discussing the processes and stages of how humans grow. We immensely enjoyed exchanging our baby photos to see how much we have changed.

Hi everyone.

I'm greatly looking forward to working with you this year. I completed a degree in Primary Education at Birmingham City University and then completed a PGCE with Titan Education. As well as teaching in the UK in Birmingham in a two-form entry inner city school. I have taught in South Korea for the past two years. I am passionate about teaching children a growth mindset to develop resilience and to encourage them to take risks in their learning. I also believe applying learning to real life contexts is vital to children's learning so they can explore the world and community they're in. In my spare time, I enjoy cardio and strength training exercises as well as board games and puzzles.

Miss Coker

Science: Different Animals

As part of their topic on 'Different Animals', Rowans searched for minibeasts in the school grounds.  They used collecting jars and magnifying glasses to help them.  Amongst the minibeasts they found were woodlice, ants and millipedes.  The children recorded the type of habitat that each minibeast prefers.

Henry Moore's Recumbent Figure

The Rowans have been looking at the sculptures of Henry Moore in their art lessons. First they made a reclining future from pipe cleaners. Then they sculpted a reclining figure from clay.

Did you know that the Henry Moore Studios and Gardens in Perry Green was the home and workplace of Henry Moore? You can visit during the summer - ideally with an advance booking at the moment, so they can manage social distancing. There's a cafe, but you can also just bring a picnic so you can enjoy the gardens with Moore's sculptures showcased in the landscape he shaped.

Here's a link to the Henry Moore website

Barbara Hepworth's The Family of Man

The British sculptor Barbara Hepworth created The Family of Man in 1970. 

During Art, the Rowans children drew their version of The Family of Man, which was created using cardboard boxes. Can you see their Mum, Dad and two children?



It's lovely to see Year 1 and Year 2 in the classroom. We've had a very busy week - look at our photos:

The Rowans children have been painting Australian sunsets this week. Here's a selection of their fantastic work:

Purple for polio

The whole school enjoyed a visit from Jean Howe a member of the local Rotary club to talk to the children about Polio Awareness. In Rowans the children really enjoyed asking questions and learning all about how polio vaccinations are delivered to those countries where polio is still found. The children tied this in with their geography learning where in Asia polio is still found. We located Afghanistan on a world map and talked about some its physical features. The children also drew around their hands and designed / coloured their little finger purple. This is because the children who are given the vaccination have their finger painted purple as a mark to show they have been given it. Then to finish the day we went out side and planted crocuses that will flower purple in the spring. 


In our art this week,  Rowans have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and finding out about paths and walls he created. This week the Rowans have enjoyed creating a path using natural materials in the style of his work. Here is our Rowan Path. 

In Maths, we have been looking movement and position. The children have been having great fun out on the playground discovering and learning all the different vocabulary. For example they learnt what clockwise and anti clockwise means;  how much of a turn is needed for a quarter turn, half turn, a three quarter turn and a whole turn.  This links in to our computing, where they will look to move a robotic toy around a map using directional language. 






Our homework will be set via Google Classroom and scheduled for a Monday evening. The work will be due in for the following Monday, giving the children a week to complete the tasks set. 

Our PE lesson are Wednesday and Thursday - Don't forget to come to school in your PE kit.

Don't forget to log on to Reading Eggs and Times Table Rock Stars! These online resources will allow the children to continue to learn and challenge themselves whilst having fun.