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St Paul's Walden

Primary School

Home - School Agreement

When your child starts school with us we begin a commitment to both you and your child, which lasts until your child leaves St Paul’s Walden School (and sometimes beyond!). We know that our children are the most successful when there is a strong partnership between our school and families.


In support of this commitment, we are required to adopt a Home School Agreement including a parent and pupil declaration, to help underline the responsibilities and expectations between parents, pupils and the school. All our families are given a letter and the following document making up the agreement which you and your child are invited to sign and return to the school. The agreement sets out:

  • The school’s values;
  • The school’s responsibilities towards pupils;
  • The responsibility of parents and carers;
  • What the school expects of its pupils.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nancy Adshead.





Our school is a special place where we are all encouraged to be positive, resilient individuals.

Our nurturing environment and mutually supportive community enable us to be the best we can be.

In our school community, we work together to develop confident, successful and enthusiastic children, who care for each other and have a love of learning. We have high expectations for behaviour for learning and value the strong supportive links between parents and school.


The School

The school will:

  • Aim for the highest standards of learning behaviours and educational progress.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all children taking account of every child as an individual.
  • Create a caring and welcoming community which is safe, supportive and encouraging and prepares children with skills for life.
  • Keep parents informed about children’s progress, the curriculum and about school life through consultations, school reports, meetings and newsletters.
  • Inform parents of any concerns about their child’s progress, attendance and learning behaviours.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to support learning at home.
  • Encourage children to take care of themselves and their surroundings.
  • Be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for families to become involved in the life of the school.
  • Respect the confidentiality necessary to support others in the school community.


Signed by Nancy Adshead



Parents and Carers

I will do my best to:

  • See that my child attends school regularly and on time providing an explanation for any absence on the first day.
  • Let the school know of any concerns or problems which might affect my child’s work or learning behaviour.
  • Learn about my child’s school life at all opportunities including consultation evenings.
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines on uniform, behaviour for learning, anti-bullying and e-safety.
  • Support my child with their home learning opportunities.
  • Support the school by reinforcing the importance of keeping healthy and fit.
  • Agree that any images taken of school activities will not be used inappropriately.
  • Support the school’s approach to online safety and not upload or add any images, video, sounds or text that could upset any member of the school community.
  • Support the school’s policy and help prevent my child from signing up to services such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Youtube, whilst they are underage.
  • Close online accounts if I find out that these accounts are active for underage children.
  • Park legally, safely and with consideration for others.
  • Ensure that my child arrives at school on time and is collected at the correct time.
  • Ensure that the school is aware of any changes to the collection of my child from school.
  • Ensure that appropriate steps are taken to ensure that my child understands how to keep themselves safe when walking to and from school independently.
  • Ensure that my child is wearing the correct school uniform and PE kit.


Signed by Parent / Guardian.


The Pupils

I will:

  • Attend school regularly and on time, making sure I have the things I need to help me with my learning.
  • Be ready to learn throughout the school day and follow the school rules.
  • Accept responsibility for the things that I do.
  • Be respectful to adults and children.
  • Only use electronic devices with permission from an adult.
  • Only use websites our teacher has chosen.
  • Never use internet chat rooms or social network websites in school.
  • Complete all my school learning and home learning to the best of my ability, ensuring that the quality of work is produced is to the best of my ability, handing it in on time to the appropriate adult.
  • Ask for help when needed and always have a go at every learning challenge that I am asked to take part in.
  • Take good care of myself, everyone in the school community and my surroundings.
  • Let staff know if I experience any problems which are affecting my happiness or progress at school.


Signed by Pupil