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For information at what is expected in Mathematics at the end of each year, please go to the page End of Year Expectations


Websites that support Maths home learning.

Times Tables Rock Stars is a fun way to practice your times tables. You can play a range of games on this website.

Try and improve the recall on the tables your teacher has set you in the 'Garage', compete against your friends in real time in the 'Arena' or even take on your teacher in the 'Rockslam'. 

We encourage everyone to try and play everyday for at least 3 minutes a day to see the maximum benefits.

Click here to access TTRS.


The Oak National Academy is an organisation of 40 teachers who have put together a range of lessons across nearly all subjects. Each lesson is led by a teacher through a short video before a range of activities are set to be completed. The lessons are sorted by subject and year group to make them easy to find.

Click here to access The Oak National Academy.

 The BBC Bitesize website has a wonderful array of videos and activities for all children to have a go at. It also provides online lessons for children of all ages.

Each area of maths has its own section, such as: calculation (adding, subtraction, multiplication and division); fractions, percentages and ratio; number and place value; and more!

Click here to access the KS1 BBC Bitesize.

Click here to access the KS2 BBC Bitesize.

Maths is Fun is a super website that explains different mathematical terms that you may not have seen before or forgotten their exact meaning. It provides examples of each term to help you through understanding them.

It also provides some fun games, puzzles and worksheets for your children to do to support or extend their learning. These can either be printed off or completed online. 

Click here to access Maths is Fun.

The NRICH website provides a huge range of games, puzzles and problem solving activities to support and extend children's mathematical learning. Some of these can be done online, while others need to be written down to solve. Children can send in their answers and workings out for the chance of their work to be published on the website.

Click here to access NRICH.


The Primary Resources website provides a huge range of worksheets, broken down by subject and year group. Although some of the examples given may be a different way of working than we do in school, the questions are often still relevant for each year group.

Click here to access Primary Resources.

Primary Games Arena is a website providing a huge collection of educational games for children to use. They are organised by subject or year group which makes it easy to find the style of game you want.

Click here to access Primary Games Arena.