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St Paul's Walden

Primary School

Wider Curriculum and Enrichment

At St Paul’s Walden we believe that it is important to equip our pupils with the skills for life, with practical learning experiences that enrich the pupils and provide memorable activities. To achieve this, the pupils have opportunities to experience a wide range of cross curricular and subject specific activities throughout the whole year.  

The various activities are chosen specifically to enhance the curriculum, adding to the personal development of the children, so that they are always growing and learning. We monitor the activities to ensure that their impact is positive in developing the pupils’ self-esteem, resilience, global awareness and an awareness of lifestyle choices, as well as offering the opportunity to learn new and practical skills. 

We strongly believe that our staff, community and pupils are Growing and Learning Together, and our aim is that our enrichment activities have benefits beyond the activity itself. 


Some of our past and current activities included: 

  • Our buddying system – Reception pupils work with the Year 6 pupils, getting to know our school. 
  • Outdoor Learning both in the school grounds and at a local stately home. 
  • Learning about growing fruit and vegetables in our kitchen garden. The pupils are working towards the RHS Level 2 award. 
  • Fun-trition, where pupils learn about healthy lifestyle choices and the effect that food and exercise has on our bodies. 
  • Phase - a local charity that support wellbeing, resilience and transition. They work in Hitchin based primary and secondary schools.
  • Sports leader qualification for our year 5 & 6 pupils, training provided by the North Herts Schools Sports partnership.
  • Science and STEM activities that enable the pupils to work in mixed age groups, sharing ideas and developing resilience.  (STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Country Dancing – our Year 5 and 6 pupils have been learning to Strip the Willow, under the guidance of members of the community.
  • Art activities, both in the classroom environment and in the school grounds. 
  • Sewing - the pupils learn how to create objects that are practical and fun. 
  • Crochet and other yarn crafts - a member of our school community is teaching the pupils to produce some seasonal objects. 
  • Cooking - all pupils experience cooking for themselves in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • Jewellery making as a business - the pupils make a selection of jewellery items and then run stalls at school events to gain an understanding of buying and selling items. 
  • Seasonal crafts to sell in the community. 
  • We regularly attend local sporting events organised by NHSSP as well as interschool events organised by other schools. This includes the Herts Legacy event where pupils can experience sports that are in the Paralympics. We also compete in rounders, football, netball and cricket matches.  
  • Educational visits such as to Duxford Museum, The Natural History Museum, Kew Gardens, local shops and farms..   
  • The pupils have had interactive discussions members of our community, including the fire service, a doctor, dentist and police officers.  
  • Our school choir sings at local events such as a local Christmas Fair and in the local church.
  •  We also have a School Council - each class has representatives who together discuss issues that affect our school community.


If you think that you, or anyone you know, would make a good Enrichment visitor to our school, please contact Mrs Adshead.