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News and Photos from The Silver Birches

For information about our curriculum, please visit our Year 3 and Year 4 Termly Curriculum Information page here

We are The Silver Birches - our teacher is Mr Gallimore and our teaching assistant is Mrs Constable. On a Friday morning we have Miss Reid.


Even though some of us are in Year 3 and some in Year 4, we always work together as one team.


Although the classroom looks slightly different this year, our learning remains the same; we do lots of talking about our learning with our talk partners, discover new things in a variety of ways and use a range of resources to support and challenge ourselves. 


Have a look at our Curriculum Overview to see what we are learning about this half term.


Our PE lessons are on Wednesday and Friday, so make sure you come to school in your PE kit on those days.


Please come back regularly to see what we have been up to!

News and Photos from Silver Birches!

Summer 2

Maths - Decimals

So far this half term we have been learning about decimals. We have learnt about; the place value of decimals, learning about tenths and hundredths; and adding and subtracting decimals. We have now moved onto consolidating our knowledge of fractions; finding equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting them.

English - The Fox and The Star

In this English topic we read the story The Fox and The Star. We rewrote the story to make the star the main character and changed the title to The Star and The Fox.

Science - Bubbles - Working Scientifically

In this terms Science topic, we are practicing the skills of being a top class scientist by investigating all things bubbles! So far we have tried to make our own bubbles wands, practicing the skill of observation and writing up an experiment. We found that paper and plastic straws are good, but wire and a bottle top were not very good for blowing bubbles.

History - Ancient Egypt - The Pharaohs

So far this term we have completed our own research about three Pharaohs, Tutankhamun, Cleopatra VI and Ramesses II. We created posters about them, based on our research.

Wellbeing Awareness Week 2021: Theme - Nature

Using the iPads and photo editing software, we created images to convey different emotions. Can you tell what emotion each picture is showing? Mr Gallimore then edited them with the song 'Hide and Seek' by Imogen Heap.

Around the World!

Currently in English we are learning about writing reports. We have been travelling around the world to many different countries using the book 'Atlas of Adventures'. We have been to Finland to see the Northern Lights; Paris to visit The Louve; to Spain to see the Feria Del Caballo;  Brazil to explore the Amazon Rainforest; Mexcio to observe millions of beautiful Monarch Butterflies; Senegal to see village life; and on safari in Zambezi! We will be writing our own report about Whitwell to hopefully add to the next edition of the book.

Shocking Electricity

In Science we have been learning about the dangers of electricity. We have explore a home to identify the dangers and explain how to make them safe. Next, we will be using the equipment to make simple circuits using bulbs, buzzers and motors.

Lockdown Science - Magnets

This half term we have been learning about magnets. We have experimented to find out what materials are magnetic and find out which magnets are the strongest.

Lockdown English

In English this half term,  we have been listening to the story of Floella Benjamin, as told in her autobiography, Coming to England. We took inspiration from this and wrote our own autobiographies. 

History - Autumn 2 - The Battle of Hastings

In History this term we are studying the Norman invasion in 1066. So far we have looked at the Bayeux Tapestry which depicts the battle and created our own.

RE - Autumn 2 - Diwali

In RE we have studied Diwali. We explored the story of Rama and Site before designing Diva Lamps.

We were very lucky to have Jean Howe, from the Rotary Club, come into school to talk to use about Polio. We learnt about which countries it effects and how it has been eradicated through vaccines in some countries. We learnt how children who have had the vaccine are identified with purple dye on their fingers. We drew around our own hands and coloured our little fingers purple.  

Art - Autumn 1 - Treasure Maps

In Art we have been learning about sketching and painting with water colours. We have designed our own treasure maps using a variety of symbols. We sketched them to decide which ones we wanted to use before starting to paint our maps.

Humanities - Autumn 1 - Longitude and Latitude

In Humanities, we have been learning about the world. We have learnt about; the Equator; the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn; and the Arctic and Antarctic regions. 

Black History Month

For Black History Month we have looked at the plight of Rosa Parks. We learnt about when her life and one of the most famous events of her life, when she refused to stand for a white person on the bus.