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News and Photos from The Oaks

If your child is working at home during the school closure, please look at the pages under Coronavirus Closure, including our class's page, where Mr Bailes will post tips and ideas just for the Oaks children. If you want to send in a photo, video or some examples of what you've been up to, we will post them on Our Virtual School Community Page

January 2020

In English we started this term looking at the Hermelin the Detective Mouse. We were introduced to the characters, to the mysterious disappearance of their possessions and how marvelous Hermelin saved the day. We wrote character descriptions; we used powerful synonyms to describe events, wrote a recount of events from the characters point of view and finally wrote our diary extracts. We then started to look at Flashbacks. We looked at the meaning of the word flashback and the devices used in films to create them. Then we looked at Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone and how the author used flashbacks to set the scene.

In Maths we started with fractions before moving on to our unit on Geometry. We explored equivalent fractions and comparing fractions with the same denominators. We then looked at adding and subtracting fractions and knowing when we don't have the same denominator that we have to find the common denominator (a common multiple of the denominators of several fractions) and knowing how to turn mixed fractions to improper fractions. 

Our geography topic this term is trade and economics. We first looked at what trade was and why we trade. We looked at the vocabulary including what import and export meant then we looked the different goods and services imported and exported from the UK. We then found out about fair trade and how and why this is an important part of helping the world to be a more sustainable place. 

In science we are investigating living things and their habitats. We have started by looking at various life cycles and comparing them to find the similarities and differences. Then we looked at why some animals are endangered or becoming extinct. We will tie this in with our next geography lesson where we will look at what the black market is and how smuggling and importing some illegal goods is having an effect on some animals.  

December 2019

In Oaks we have been very busy learning and preparing in the build up to Christmas. In our maths we have been looking at fractions and used our understanding to solve problems including making a very long paper chain where a fraction of the strips were either red, yellow or green. 

We have also looked at being Cryptographers in our computing. Our class of code cracking recruits were given the task of finding out information and looking at different forms of code and cracking them. We have looked at semaphore, morse code and using maths to find and crack codes. We have also created semaphore flags and made simple circuits to send morse code across the classroom. 

Another exciting activity that Oak class has been involved in is country dancing. Our visitors Glyn and Lynda have been leading the children in a variety of routines from OXO to the Flying Scotsman. The children have thoroughly loved these sessions and taken part with enthusiasm.

In our P.E. we have done gymnastics where we have been creating and making routines that involve movements and bridges. The children have again shown their suppleness and creativity in these sessions. 

Anti-Bullying Week 11th - 15th November 2019

In Oaks for Anti-Bullying week 2019 we discussed how bullying can be stopped and what bullying is. We talked through how we could 'Stamp it out'. All pupils created a footprint with a pledge titled 'Change Starts With' and the the children gave examples of what they would want to see. 

Small Schools Football Tournament Year 5 and 6 -

15th November 2019

This afternoon the school football team went to a small schools tournament in Watford. Despite a few disappointments in the group stages, the team had an amazing afternoon in the knockout stage, After beating St Ippolyts in the quarter final, and Breachwood Green in the semi-final we reached the final! It was a really close fought match against Wymondley School who battled us hard and forced the match into extra time. An exciting extra time period followed in which both teams scored resulting in the dreaded penalty shoot out!! After a tense few minutes of goals, saves and misses followed, and our team won the match!! After much excitement and celebration the medals were presented in a medal ceremony. 

A fantastic day of football enjoyed by all!! 

Written by Mrs Pearce 

IWM Duxford - 11th November

On Monday 11th November we had our trip to Duxford. We set off early and soon arrived at the museum. We were ushered in to the area where we were to leave our bags. We then explored the main hall in our groups. This was an experience not to be forgotten. The children had time to look at the famous Lancaster bomber, the Spitfire and the Short Sunderland flying boat. The children also had a chance to look inside the famous Concorde. We all then gathered together at 11a.m. to mark 2 minutes of silence, the children were amazing. 

After this, we went around the hall again before our lunch slot, looking at the interactive exhibits and taking part in the different activities. After lunch we then went in our groups to the other exhibitions including the Battle of Britain exhibition. This gave the children the opportunity to learn about life during the Blitz, understand what it was like to be in the Battle of Britain and learn about wartime Britain. Oliver was excited, that due to his crutches he got to go on the mini bus to the Land warfare exhibition at the furthest part of the site. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and got to experience things outside of their lifetime. Isabella noticed that a member of the Royal Anglian Regiment had the same surname as her, which inspired her to want now to look in to this further. 

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Remembrance Sunday in Whitwell - 10th November

Today, both Myrtilla and Danny represented the school joining the parade through the High Street to remember those who had lost their lives in both World Wars. They stood proudly waiting for their moment to lay the school wreath at the War Memorial. The memorial service was well attended by many from the village and officials from the Police and other services. They did themselves and the school proud. 

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Oaks Class 2019

Welcome to the Oaks, Year 5 and 6. Our teacher is Mr Bailes and our teaching assistant is Miss Sweatman with Mrs Constable on Tuesday and Thursday morning.

In Oaks we are very excited to be some of the oldest children in the school; we aim to be great role models and take our jobs and responsibilities very seriously. Our house captains Chloe, Millie, Arundeep, Danny, Tyler, Cecily, Jake and Francesca are doing a great job of leading their houses in our house assemblies.

In class we always try to be the best we can be and are working hard at becoming resilient, self-reliant, problem-solving learners. We like to learn in all sorts of different ways; using talk partners to support us in our learning; using resources and mental activities and investigation. We are working hard on our times tables and spellings and also practicing our handwriting so our work always looks presentable.

This week we have started our new topic World War II. We will be focussing on how it impacted our local area and the United Kingdom. We first thought about the facts we knew and then about what we wanted to know. We also started looking at what an evacuee was and what they went through. This went alongside our english lessons where we are looking at writing a diary entry as if we were an evacuee. Next week we are looking forward to our trip to the Imperial War Museum Duxford and what new and exciting things we can find out about our history topic, watch this space.... 

Our amazing; net making, 3D shape building, maths lesson

Hermelin the Detective Mouse

Our amazing Anderson Shelters 

Our World War II working wall.