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News and Photos from The Oaks

For information about our curriculum, please visit our Year 5 and Year 6 Termly Curriculum Information page here 

Welcome to the Oaks 2021!

Welcome back to school Oaks, we are looking forward to the year ahead with you all! We are very fortunate to have two teachers in Oaks who work part time across the week, bringing a variety of knowledge and skills to ensure learning is productive but also fun! Mrs Smith takes the class Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Guy teaches from Wednesday to Friday. Working with us is Mrs Jeffs, who is a wonderful asset to our team. 


We believe you are never too old to learn something new and enjoy pupils teaching us things they have learnt both inside and outside of school. We celebrate all achievements - both big and small - promoting a positive attitude to learning. Fostering a love and value for learning is of utmost importance to us so pupils leave us resilient, confident and ready for their next step into the wider world. 

Remembrance Day 

The Oaks have produced some thoughtful watercolour artwork for Remembrance Day. 

November 2021


In Science, we are increasing our understanding of how our body functions. We have been focusing on the circulatory system and today have been looking at the heart being a double pump. The children made some videos (below) to explain their learning. 

October 2021

We have seen some great examples of writing this half term - have a look at some of the Cyclops reports below. We have noticed that many of the children are confusing the homophones their, there and they're. Some children also confuse 'our' and 'are'.  Please spend some time at home revising these. 


For further reference, the National Curriculum spelling appendix can be accessed online and shows the expectations for the children at each year group along with the word lists. 

October 2021

In English this half term, the Oaks Class have studied some of the Greek Myths. This week, they have written their own myth and have also shown their knowledge of the Cyclops by creating a non-chronological report. There have been some super pieces of independent writing - well done to all of you! There are a few examples below.

October 2021

Decade Dioramas

We have some fab designs for the 'Decade Dioramas', Oaks, well done! The children spent some time researching a decade of their choice (from 1950s-1990s) and then decided which elements to include in a 3D scene. As you can see below, there was lots of inspiration from games, food and music of the times! 


October 2021

Decade Dioramas

Well done on an excellent start to the 'Decade Dioramas', Oaks. Thank you for the support from home, there were some lovely 'artifacts' from the 1980s and 1990s! We will be finishing them on Friday so make sure you bring any pieces back in that you want to include, or you are welcome to make extra bits at home to add to your design. There are a couple of examples of the works-in-progress below. 



Art - Optical Illusions!

Oaks created some successful optical illusion drawings in art!

English - Writing Instructions

In English this week, the Oaks have been looking at different types of instructional texts. We have written our own version of a recipe for homemade sherbet - why not test it out this weekend? 

English Lessons and Reading 

This year we have introduced a new literacy and language scheme of learning, which we are really excited about teaching. The children will be introduced to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts in lessons, and will cover all the skills of the National Curriculum. We are looking forward to seeing the writing they produce!

There are some recommended texts that will complement the stories that we read in class: you may want to read some of these with your children at home (list for Unit 1 below). If you do read any, please note it in your planners so that we can see! 

Our first unit is Prometheus and Pandora by Janey Pursglove (A myth).

Wider Reading: 

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan
Heroes of Olympus – Rick Riordan
Persephone – Sally Pomme Clayton
Pandora – Robert Burleigh
Pandora’s Box – Rose Impey


Biscuit Icing! 

We had some excellent designs on the Oaks cookies today! A very tasty mid-afternoon snack!  

Good Luck to the England Football Team from all of us in Oaks Class! 

Today we made some origami style football shirts to decorate and show our support for the big game on Sunday. 

We Are Reading...

In Oaks, we are always looking at ways to build our resilience, confidence and self-esteem. This half-term, to support that, we are reading Marcus Rashford's book 'You are a Champion' together in class. We have been reading about how Marcus started small and built up to who he is now, constantly trying to improve himself. The children have been starting to think about what unique attributes they might have and have themselves and things they are proud of. 

Focusing on the four operations. 

Oaks have been working hard on securing the four operations. Have a scroll through the document below as a refresher on formal written methods. Maybe you could make your own poster! 

Seaside Art

The Oaks have been working on creating a vintage travel poster-inspired painting. There are a few examples below - we hope it puts you in the holiday mood in time for half-term! 

Science Investigations 

During this half term, The Oaks have been studying 'Light' in Science: learning how shadows are formed, how we see things, and how light travels. This week we completed a number of investigations to see the effect of refraction - when light slows down and bends as it travels through different materials. There was some super group work, making predictions and recording observations. 

Over the past two weeks, The Oaks have been learning about what makes an interesting biography (they may even have interviewed you at home as part of their homework!). After researching the inspirational Michelle Obama, the children have all done her justice in their final piece of writing – well done Oaks!  

The Oaks have been creating mixed media seascapes in art over the past two weeks. 

.........And we're back! March 2021

It is so wonderful to have the buzz of busy classrooms again! This week we welcomed the Oaks back into school and have enjoyed celebrating British Science Week together. We started the week designing simple machines inspired by Rube Goldberg. To find out more, click on the picture below.

As part of British Science Week, Oaks have been learning about how the body fights viruses and infections, and the importance of vaccines. They have created some great comic strips to show how antibodies act to fight infection!


In Science, Oaks are learning about space and the structure of our solar system. We have been looking at the different phases of the moon, and have used cookies to show how the appearance of the moon changes as it orbits the Earth. 

Remote learning 2021

In PSHE, we have discussed how to keep ourselves healthy both mentally and physically via our virtual classroom. We have looked at fake news and online safety, ensuring we are aware of our digital surroundings.

In addition to this, we have thought carefully about how we can stay active whilst accessing live lessons. We encourage each other to take time to stretch, look away from the screen and have time for discussion with our peers.

Here you can see some of our 'remote exercises' which you can do at, or away from your computer. 

There has been some brilliant construction work happening in D&T this half term. The Oaks have worked in small groups to design and build roller coasters out of paper and carboard, using a range of techniques to support their structures. 

Ever wondered how post it notes were invented? Watch the video to find out.


Home learning

For home learning we like pupils to develop skills and discover their own interests. This term we set Oaks a challenge - What would you like to learn? Our pupils showcased some fantastic learning on our virtual classroom, from dog training to speaking Italian! Here you can see Suneet who learnt to bake her own bread - well done Suneet!

For homework our pupils were asked to learn about synonyms and antonyms, finding a fun way to teach others. Here you can see Eva and her Dad who created a synonym and Antonym game based on Go Fish! 


The Oaks produced some excellent work researching inspirational people to mark Black History Month. How many of the people below can you name?

Autumn term 2020

Christmas Designs

The Oaks have been using pastels and chalks to create some fantastic Christmas artwork!

Mayan Masks

This term, pupils will be studying The Mayan Civilization. We began by designing and making Mayan masks and creating a class display.

Reading with Willows

When one door closes another one opens, or in our case a virtual door! One of the lovely things our pupils do well is read with others of all age groups.

Through the wonders of technology, Oaks were able to read stories to the Willows class. We enjoyed it so much, we will continue this until we can cross bubbles once again! Well done everyone!

Purple For Polio - painting and planting!

The Oaks enjoyed welcoming Jean Howe, from the Rotary Club, in to school to raise awareness of Polio and how it is still prevalent in some countries. We enjoy members of our community visiting the school and teaching us something new.

We have been enjoying the lovely weather and learning outside the classroom. Here are pupils from the Oaks class working collaboratively to discuss the theme of peer pressure, creating a performance to show what it may look like.





From little acorns, mighty oaks grow!