Enrichment Curriculum

“Enrichment is really good because it doesn’t feel like work! It’s very, very fun and there are lots of different skills that we can learn.”

On Friday afternoons, we provide Enrichment sessions which support our children with nurturing new skills and developing relationships with older and younger children across the school. Each half term, our children choose the activities they wish to pursue. Our activities are run by our skilled staff team and a sports coach.

Our children in Year 1 and 2 have been practising their non-chronological report writing skills, so this is what they have written about our Enrichment curriculum:

Outdoor Learning

We like outdoor learning because you can go outside and look for bugs. Mrs Dollman is really nice because sometimes she lets me be her partner. Mrs Dollman is always in charge, but she is very, very fun! The best thing about outdoor learning is going to Hitch Wood and eating marshmallows over a fire.

Here is a video of our experiences at Hitch Wood http://www.magisto.com/video/bV8fOwBUEy1hUhFpYw


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I love cooking! It’s run by Mrs Chatman and she is nice. We cook yummy cookies and I like it.

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We play hockey and that is one of my favourite things. Mr Prowle is a great teacher, he is really fun. My favourite game is Pacman because it is extremely fun! We get to play games; outside and inside. Mr Prowle helps me to play hockey – it is very good.


ICT is excellent because you get to use our new laptops all afternoon! The children love ICT because they get to explore the programs on the laptops. Mrs Adshead has also helped the children make films this term!


Sometimes we make models from the Lego. Building models is really, really fun. Mrs Dawes is extremely fun because she lets children play with everything and she likes to look at their models! Construction is really exciting because we have never done it before! Mrs Dawes likes playing games.


Fun and Games

My favourite thing in Fun and Games is drawing pictures. Mrs Dawes runs it and she is fun!

We have a variety of other Enrichment opportunities which we provide including volunteering at the onsite nursery, setting up a school business and gardening.

What OFSTED think about our Enrichment Curriculum:

“Pupils benefit from a rich and varied curriculum. Links with other schools, the use of specialist expertise and projects like the ‘Forest School’ are all used to expand pupils’ academic and personal experience.” Ofsted 2011

Enrichment Mapped to National Curriculum

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