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Our week in the Silver Birches

In RE we are learning about Sikhism. We drew a picture of one of the 5 Ks. One of the 5 Ks is called Kesh. This is where Khalsa Sikhs grow their hair long as hair is a prescious gift from God. We also watched a video about the 5 Ks.

In English we have been writing a recount about Traction Man's day. Traction Man is a toy action figure who goes on lots of adventures.
One of Traction Man's missions is to save the farm animals from the evil pillows on the planet duvet. Traction Man has a pet called Scrubbing Brush.

In art we have been looking at patterns by William Morris. We looked at different designs and selected parts to create our own patterns. 

In maths we have been learning about fractions. We even got to work with cookies and eat them too! It was the best lesson ever.
We have been finding thirds of lots of thing, like 300ml of water shared between 3 is 100ml.

In PE we have been learning Indian dancing. We have learnt some moves called the greeting, the march, the peacock and the ballet pose. 

In science we have learning about different types of rock. We carried out a hardness test on limestone, granite, marble, chalk, sandstone and slate to find out which rocks were hard and soft. 

Blog contributions from Jessica, Chloe Malwina, Harry, Mia, Elise, Noah, Elle, Lilly, Oliver, Harvey, Jaiden, Jemima, Jack, Arundeep

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Our first week back after half term.

In maths this week,we have been practising our times tables. We have reminded ourselves that we can easily find out the answers to the 6 and 8 times tables by doubling the 3 and 4 times tables. This really helped us to find our fact families. We also learned about factors too. We know that factors are 9 and 1 because 9 x 1 = 9. We found this fun.

In English, we planned our non-chronological reports. As a class, we made a toolkit to remind us of the features that we need to put in our non-chronological reports. When we have finished writing them, we are going to make them into a class book!

Since half term, we have been learning about the Bronze age. We learned that bronze is made from copper and tin. We have been writing notes to learn about how to make Bronze age swords. Also for our homework, we are going to be designing our own Bronze age sword posters.

In art, we are also going to be making stockings; we are looking forward to making them!

We have also been learning about sound in science.

We have also been carrying on with hockey and we have started gymnastics.

This week has been a great week!

Blog written by: Lilly, Elle, Ivi, Arundeep, Tyler, Matilda, Dylan, Jack, Noah, Millie, Chloe, Mia and Jemima.

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The first half term in Silver Birches

This week has been very fun! Yesterday we made a stone age recipe using berries, honey, apples and pears to make stewed fruit. It tasted delicious and we all tried some. The recipe was really fun to make. The honey flavour made the recipe really sweet. Some of us thought that the recipe was a little too sweet. The berries tasted a little like red wine - they were very sour. After tasting the recipe, we all got red lips and red tongues!

In maths we have been learning about column subtraction. Our homework this week, has been to write a quest story. In English, we have been learning about quest stories. We have also been looking at myths from Ancient Greece. We have also been reading a book with a character called Littlenose which is set in the stone age. In French, we have also learned how to sing Happy Birthday.


by Holly, Arundeep, Elise, Tyler, Cecily, Millie, Jemima, Francesca, Danny, Myrtilla, Lexi, Mia, Ivi, Elle and Lilly.

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Read all about our Reception class in the Comet!

Read all about our Reception class in the Comet!

Last week the Willows went on a visit to Stagenhoe Bottom farm to collect their class Christmas tree. See the full article at: 

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