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Anti-bullying November 2016

Above: the Willows class meeting Chas the monkey

Over the past two weeks, the children in the Willows class have been learning about bullying.

We have talked about what it really means. Sometimes, one-off accidents or mistakes may happen and while these can make people upset this is not bullying. However, if a person hurts a person's body or feelings over and over again, this is what we would call bullying. 

Our friend Chas the monkey came in to visit the Willows and he talked to them about how we always need  to tell somebody if we experience bullying. This could be if you feel like you are being bullied yourself or if you have seen it happening to someone else.

The children then drew pictures of themselves saying "tell someone" which we turned into a giant paper chain which we linked up with other ones made by the other children and adults in the school.

Say NO to bullying!

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