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Anti-bullying week in The Rowans

During Anti-Bullying week The Rowans watched the film Cinderella. We then talked about how the ugly sisters and wicked step-mother treated Cinderella. We wrote a letter to them to tell them how Cinderella feels when they are mean to her and because they do it all the time it is bullying. We then made suggestions about how they could be nicer to Cinderella and be more aware of how they make her feel.

We also looked at what bullying is and how we can stop it and who we could talk to if we felt we were being bullied.

We made Power for good paper chains to pledge how we would stop bullying in our school. We joined them together with the other classes to make a giant paper chain.

Now we are looking forward to Christmas and have been busy rehearsing our Christmas play. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Anti-bullying November 2016

Above: the Willows class meeting Chas the monkey

Over the past two weeks, the children in the Willows class have been learning about bullying.

We have talked about what it really means. Sometimes, one-off accidents or mistakes may happen and while these can make people upset this is not bullying. However, if a person hurts a person's body or feelings over and over again, this is what we would call bullying. 

Our friend Chas the monkey came in to visit the Willows and he talked to them about how we always need  to tell somebody if we experience bullying. This could be if you feel like you are being bullied yourself or if you have seen it happening to someone else.

The children then drew pictures of themselves saying "tell someone" which we turned into a giant paper chain which we linked up with other ones made by the other children and adults in the school.

Say NO to bullying!

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Anti-Bullying Week in Silver Birches

We have been doing lots of learning about Anti-Bullying Week. We have all made a safe network hand. Our safe network hand, is a reminder to us of the people that we have around us to help us when we need help or support. On our thumbs, we chose a person at home who can help us. On our fingers, we chose people in school who can help us. On the palm of our hand, we chose things that we have around us e.g. our pets, cuddly toys or a diary. On our wrists, we chose services around us which can help e.g. the emergency services, Childline or the NSPCC. Also, we have been designing posters. Very kindly at home, Lilly (with Tyler's help), have made a worry box which they have bought to school for the children in Silver Birches to use.

This week we have been sewing Christmas stockings - some of us have even finished! We have all learned to use blanket stitch. We are really excited because Miss Pegler has told us that she will put some sweets in our stockings. We have also designed Christmas cards to share with Elizabeth; we have focussed on drawing illustrations depicting a tradtional Christmas.

We have also been learning about the Bronze age. We reminded ourselves that copper and tin are used to make bronze. To help us learn about this, we used a video clip, which was interesting to watch.

In PE, we have been participating in gymnastics. We also had our school photos taken this week.


Blog written by: Noah, Jack, Mia, Lilly, Dylan, Elle, Harry, Tyler, Lucy, Harvey, Jaiden, Jemima, Matilda and Arundeep.

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Another good week in Silver Birches


This week, in maths we have been practising our speed tables and the year 3s have been practising their individual times tables. We have also been practising adding three numbers together. We have also carried on writing our Stone age non-chronological reports; on Thursday we managed to finish writing them. To help us make our books, we also needed to find some images from the internet, which we printed out. We have also carried on practising our hockey skills and played small matches. This week we even had a go at scoring goals. In RE we have been learning about Hinduism. An interesting fact about Hinduism, is that Hindus have lots of gods - we think there are sixteen! We also learned that Hindus celebrate Diwali - just like Sikhs. In art, we have been designing our front covers to our non-chronological report; this is because we have been making a class book. In singing, we have been practising Christmas songs.

On Tuesday, Noah kindly bought his corn snake into class and talked about how to look after his pet.

We have also observed the two minutes silence as today is Remembrance day.


Blog written by Ivi, Jaiden, Cecily, Jessica, Harvey, Jack, Jemima, Francesca, Arundeep, Tyler, Lexi, Myrtilla, Elise, Mia, Lilly, Elle and Noah.

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Our week in the Silver Birches

In the Silver Birches, we have been practising our hockey skills. This week we played a game where we had four people in a team, but we played 3 vs 1. This meant that we had a defender who was trying to get the ball to earn a point. The rest of us had to try to pass the ball to try to stop it being intercepted by the defender.

In History and in Art we have been making cave paintings. We did this by squishing lots of different types of fruits and berries. We used berries to copy what people in the stone age would have done. We also ground up chalk to make white paint. We used a spoon to grind the chalk. We got really messy but it was still fun. 

We have also been writing haikus for our Harvest assembly. Don't forget that a haiku is a poem with three lines; it has to also follow the rule of five syllables, seven syllables and five syllables. As we have been celebrating harvest we have also been bringing in donations for the local Foodbank, which will help local families. We enjoyed our harvest because everyone had something to perform. It was also really lovely having our families in school. 

On Tuesday, we practised our tag rugby skills with Miss Pegler. We also played a game which is called fox and hares. It was extremely enjoyable. We also played a little match. 

In maths we have been solving problems and we have some maths problems to solve in our homelearning this week. 

The ideas for our blog have come from: Arundeep, Harvey, Tyler, Jaiden, Dylan, MJ, Chloe, Millie, Harry, Jemima, Holly, Francesca, Danny, Elise, Cecily, Lexi, Jessica and Myrtilla. 

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Safer Internet Day

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day and we based our learning on being safe on the internet. We all made posters and poems and we shared those with the school at the end of the day. We reminded ourselves that when we are using the internet that we must not give out personal information about ourselves. In the end, we came up with some brilliant ideas. Here are some of our pictures! 


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27th March – Willows’ Class Newsletter


We have had some lovely sunshine here over the past couple of weeks and as you may have noticed, we have moved all of our outdoor learning to the back garden. It is great for the children to have everything they need in one place and it helps that it has such lovely surroundings.




The children have been showing a real interest in mini-beasts recently and we have been weaving this into many areas of their learning. Thank you to all who have been donating various resources for our Bug Hotel. We are well on the way now but will always welcome outdoor resources such as bamboo, pine cones and small stones so if you ever need to offload some, 
feel free to drop them in to us.


We have also been learning lots about this time of year and have started planting various things in our gardening area. One of the favourites is a seed potato that the children decided to call ‘Rockety’ so hopefully we’ll have a bumper crop this year!


The children all had a great time pond-dipping this week. We found lots of interesting living things even though it’s still so
early in the year. It was of great interest to other children in the school too who will be making use of our school pond in
the coming weeks. We look forward to having another go later in the summer term and seeing the difference in specimens to those found this time.



We have also been…using our new rope-swing, having picnics, sewing, making treasure maps, using our lollipop stick, counting in 2s and making our own non-fiction book.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend getting ready for Easter next week and we will see you on Monday,


Mr Pegg & Mrs Constable

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27th February – Class Newsletter

The weather is starting to brighten up a little now and, although spring is still a bit away, the sunshine is thawing our outside area which has led to some exciting learning opportunities.

Thank you to everybody who has provided us with some great resources. The tubes (cardboard and guttering) that we have been given have now turned into a fantastic collection of different lengths and widths, leading to some great experiences. We have all been using the plastic guttering to create a series of interlocking and freestanding water-play systems in our garden area. In addition, the cardboard tubes have helped us to develop a top secret adding machine (thanks to Iron Man for sharing the designs with us).



We would also like to say a huge thank you to Whitwell’s very own Illustrated Chef who provided us with a very memorable
afternoon. In addition to making some brilliant pizza’s completely from scratch, the children also learned about the Italian
origins of pizza as well as different types of taste. This really was a special afternoon and judging from the children’s facial expressions and comments, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!



This half term we are going to use Superheroes as a vehicle for the children’s learning. So far we have been creating our own heroes, making stories around them and using their designs to further the children’s skills in maths. We are also incorporating this theme into PE which involves some imaginative role-play and dance.




Before half-term, we all went for our fortnightly outing to Emily’s Tea Shop. We had a superb afternoon drinking hot chocolate and we were given a menu to take back and use in our own café. In addition to our more countryside based walks, trips around the village are very valuable for the children to give them a sense of community with their peers and friends.



We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday,


Mr Pegg & Mrs Constable



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